Leadership and entrepreneurial skills for women

...so you can thrive while blazing the path towards our regenerative future.

Dedicating your life’s work to regenerating ecosystems and communities?

Not sure how to carve out your niche and get paid so your work and thoughtful lifestyle can be sustainable?

Working in your niche but not thriving because you feel like business is the "b-word?"


I’ve been there! I’m Karryn Olson-Ramanujan, and I’ve worked for over 20 years as a permaculture designer, educator, and organizer. I’m a permie mom and live in an Ecovillage. Like you, I’m damn good at the transformative work I do; yet for years, I wasn’t harvesting the rewards for the great results I provided. To change that, I dove into studying how entrepreneurship can be in service to co-creating our regenerative future.

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To support your good work in the world, I offer these foundational resources so you can thrive as a Regenepreneur. This is one way I am "sharing my surplus."

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forest path


An online program to find your calling and discern viable paths for your right livelihood.

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Abundance Models Intensive

To thrive in your right livelihood, you need a regenerative business model—an “Abundance Model.” 

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If you are serious about connecting with an audacious community of Regenepreneurs so you can rock your regenerative right livelihood... 

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Private Coaching

Personalized hands-on training and support to leverage you boldly forward as a Regenepreneur.

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