Regenepreneur /rəˌjenə prəˈnər/

noun    A person who applies the skills of entrepreneurship to earn a living doing work that regenerates ecosystems and communities; a person who collaborates with others to design a regenerative business ecosystem in a bioregion.


About Karryn Olson-Ramanujan

Karryn has made it her mission to lead the way towards the balance between permaculture, social justice, entrepreneurship and women's empowerment. This website is the culmination and sharing of her 20 years of permaculture practice, and the many lessons learned along the way.

She co-founded the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute in 2005, teaches sustainability-related courses at Ithaca College, co-organized and supports regional and national women's gatherings in permaculture, has taught at Women’s Permaculture Teacher Trainings, as well as Advanced Permaculture Design courses.

She is dedicated to an intersectional approach to supporting women and historically marginalized populations in their vital roles as community leaders.

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Regeneration: renewal or restoration of a body, bodily part, or biological system (as a forest) after injury
–The Merriam-Webster online dictionary

“Business as usual” has taken the interconnected webs of life to the brink of collapse. There’s no time to waste—our daily work must regenerate ecosystems and communities.  We must design regenerative business ecosystems. We claim our inherent power to do this most essential work.

The economy is a subset of society, which is embedded in our life support system—mother Gaia. We believe our livelihoods must be in service to the whole, to life.

Extract: “to remove or take out, especially by effort or force”

The extractive economy is, by nature violent. An economy is a human construct, and we believe that, together, we can build an economy based on compassion and equity. We believe that our own ability to thrive should enhance everyone’s ability and capacity to thrive.

“The Grind” is not an option, as our work lies beyond the average job description. Instead, we nourish soil, harvest water, tend sprouts, close loops, weave communities, and design regenerative solutions to blaze our paths towards livelihoods that care for the Earth, and care for Her people.

Entrepreneur: a person who starts a venture assuming full risk of failure or success.

We claim the tools of entrepreneurship to fast-track innovative, deeply ecological and socially just solutions. Instead of business models, we harvest the value of our work with “Abundance Models.” We go beyond myopic approaches that only consider financial capital, and invest in living, cultural, and other forms of capital. This takes us beyond economic considerations as we design for our own thriving livelihoods and for a surplus that we reinvest in regenerative solutions.

We know that diverse ecosystems are more resilient and innovative. The same is true for human systems. Regenepreneurs reflect deeply on the dynamics of power and oppression, and hone the skills necessary to cultivate diverse teams—knowing that together, we will make better decisions, find new solutions, ensure more equitable outcomes, and improve our triple bottom lines.

We alchemize brokenness into strength. We use our strength in service to Beloved Community. We revalorize the caring work of the CORE economy that grows thriving humans. We are birthing the WEconomy.

Women are the world’s most powerful consumers, who want to invest in green and socially-conscious services and products. As Regenepreneurs, we innovate and fast-track these new offerings—knowing that by doing our small part in this sacred work, we come into right relationship so that the web of life may heal “Ki”-self.  We claim this power so that we, our families, our communities, and our Earth, can thrive.

We know that entrepreneurship is about embracing risk, and can be scary. It’s also a fast path to personal growth. We cultivate support systems and embed ourselves in a community that is deeply reflective, connected to embodied wisdom, rooted in mentors and mutual support, and grounded in a deeply regenerative paradigm. We also hone our entrepreneurial and professional skills, so we can offer exceptional value to our clients (whom we consider Beloveds!) and thrive.

We honor time for self-care, personal growth, cultivating loving relationships, nature connection, connection to Source, recharge, fun, and inspiration as the reason for living—and design our entrepreneurial ecosystems accordingly.

As Regenepreneurs, we are co-creating our regenerative future!