Affiliates Tutorial and Instructions

This will hopefully make becoming an affiliate super easy for you! Let me know if you have any trouble! Email or txt/call me at 607-339-1153

(Please note: if you are on this webpage, you and I  have already signed a contract so that both of us are clear about our agreements. If you sign up to be an Affiliate, it indicates that you have signed a contract with me and are agreeing to these terms.)

Per our contract, as an affiliate, you earn 50% of every interview downloaded for a fee if the software tracks the purchase back to you.  In order for your peeps to hear about it from you, you need to send out the info to them! I highly suggest that you schedule in your calendar to start doing affiliate outreach with your affiliate link (as outlined below) 2 weeks before your interview, and/or to send one follow up email after your interview. The video below shows you how to set up your account, which you will do at

Clarifications from the video:

  • Please note that your referral # won’t be three! That’s just the number my test was assigned!
  • My site is now fixed so everything is https:// and it’s super secure! 
  • In the video, it shows that you will get a confirmation email and then you can go directly to your affiliate area. I have deactivated that because I don’t want you to be delayed if I am offline.  Your account should be set up right away.

General Things:

I suggest you bookmark your affiliate page so you can find it easily in the future.  

The software is set up to track your referrals for 2 years. We can revisit things then! Sound good?

You can sign out of your Affiliate account in the top right of the screen. Just make sure you noted your username and password so you can get back in. 🙂

You will want to generate an affiliate link to this page so please cut and paste that into your affiliate generator (shown in the video) and then use your new affiliate link in all of your outreach.

To clarify: Listening to your interview is free for attendees when we are live, and the interview can be listened to for free for 24 hours on replay. Folks pay for the interview after that, and buying the collection of all the interviews is a great deal.

Regarding Email Outreach

Re the text that I provide as a “creative” for you to cut and paste: Please feel free to edit the wording of this text to suit your preferences!

Please note: In the “creatives” tab, the code that is shown below the picture graphic is for embedding it on a webpage, which most of you probably won’t want to do. Instead, you can download the graphic. On a mac, you can simply control+click on the graphic and download it (right+click on a PC). Then you can embed the file into your emails. I will also email you Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter graphics specific for your interview.

Other Social Media

If you want to post to social media and have your referrals tracked, it is important that you use your referral link (if you reshare my posts, referrals won't be tracked back to you). You can cut and paste the text description that I use, though!  I'll be sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with this handle @regenepreneurs

On Twitter, what seems to work nicely is to use the Twitter image that I email you--upload it to twitter by clicking on the camera icon


Then in the white space on Twitter that says “what’s happening”, you can write some text and embed your referral link, which twitter automatically shortens. Here’s a sample showing Robin Clayfield's interview, which thought my blahblah was Danish!


On Facebook, just put your referral link in the status box, then add some text specifying the date & time of your interview. Include a little preview of something you will highlight, or some of the text I've drafted for your outreach. 

Make sure to post your FB announcement as PUBLIC. (Look for the little button on the lower left of the FB post.) That way, your friends can share further!

Tracking Outreach

Here is the link to a google spreadsheet I use to track where and when I've posted on FB. So that we don't overpost anywhere, I suggest you also put your info here.  Under the column "who will post to these groups", just claim the groups you want to post to (they will track back to you if you use your referral link as explained above). The trick is, we need to do the outreach, so if you haven't claimed any groups by 10 days before your interview, I'll post to as many as I can, cuz we want folks at your interview!

Getting Ready for the Interview!

In order to present on the Crowdcast software that I use (which enables viewers to see you and your presentations), you need to register to attend your own interview! So please don't forget to do that.

Several days before your interview, we should take 15 minutes to do a test run of Crowdcast. Please take time now to email me a date and time that works for you, and I'll send you a different, trial link for Crowdcast. Before our trial run, please take 10 minutes to have a look at this checklist so you know which browser works for you and to make sure you can share your screen

You will want to pull up your powerpoint slides, or your recordings, etc while we are online in this test so we can see how it all works!

This is our chance to see how you need to adjust lighting or if you want to "stage" your place.

Sound quality is best if you use headset, mute phone etc.

On the day of the interview, I suggest you mute your phone, encourage loved ones to leave the house, and make sure nobody is sucking up your wifi power!  

After the Interview

The same Crowdcast link gives folks immediate access to the replay, which will run for 24 hours. After that, I'll download the mp4 and put it on the "Past Interviews" section of the site, for purchase, and send you the link to that page, which you can send out again with your referral code.

You might wish to send folks an update about what we covered in your interview and encourage them to purchase it, or any others--they all track back to you. 🙂

Here's to synergies!

Love, Karryn