Javan Bernakevitch


That’s the first thing you see when you land on Javan Bernakevitch’s website and it is a great way to sum up his work.

Javan is a fellow permaculture designer and teacher, and he was a guest in my first Thrivelihoods program way back in 2014, when he showed us his way of applying the concept of “Zones” from permaculture to life design. Since then, he and I have further developed our respective approaches to supporting folks to figure out their life paths and livelihoods—I focus more on service-based entrepreneurship, and Javan has experience supporting folks to earn a living from their land, passions and ecological based ventures.

On December 9th at 11am PT / 2pm EST we explored earning a living grounded in values of Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share, and Future Care.

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Javan K. Bernakevitch is a life and land designer who helps clients, businesses and farms create more diverse, abundant and profitable lives and landscapes all over the world through All Points Design , All Points Life Design and

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Resources that were mentioned in our conversation

Acorn Theory
Voice dialog
Allan Savory
Holisic Managment
Dan Palmer
Ann Adam - HMI for Home
Sepp Holzer
Elaine Ingham
Nature-based permaculture
Many Hands Farms
Sierra “Raine” Robinson

Natalie Pepin - Reskilled Life

Carol Sanford

Larry Santoyo

Marketing for Hippies

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