Best Practices to Support Women in Permaculture

omegateachertrainingsideIn my article “A Pattern Language for Women in Permaculture”, published in the Permaculture Activist in August 2013, each pattern identified a core solution to a problem that undermines women’s full involvement and leadership in permaculture. Since then, I’ve been collecting “best practices” that support women’s participation in the permaculture community, so that we can move from discussion to effective action. These practices were identified bymany people, from many places (including in a working group at the 2014 North American Permaculture Convergence). I regret that it is impractical to list the names of all those who helped shape this document, and am grateful for the generous engagement of many contributors.  Permaculture Design Magazine published this article in its Fall 2015 “Decolonizing Permaculture” issue. In this online version of the article, there are many hyperlinks to resources.

Permaculturist are invited to discern and adopt the practices that will leverage their personal development and/or the development their organizations. Equally important, you are invited to share (in the comment box below) your commitment to implement at least one of these “best practices”–please include a benchmark or time frame by which you will evaluate outcomes. 

Please note: Some practices require a high level of facilitation skills to ensure optimal outcomes. Please “care for the people” by making sure you have the training and experience necessary to create safe spaces in which to explore and develop these practices.

As always, this is a living document–your constructive feedback, amendments, additions, and stories about success and challenges in implementing these actions are welcome.

In service to building “The Beloved Community,”

Pattern 1: Reflect upon, clarify, and improve “mental models”




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