Regenerative Entrepreneurship

What’s “degenerative”? What’s “regenerative”?

These words and concepts can seem very abstract, which makes it hard to apply them in practical ways to our livelihoods. Thankfully, our living Earth, and the soil beneath our feet provide very concrete ways to understand how erosive spirals degenerate ecosystems and communities. We need to be able to identify degenerative feedback loops in…

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“Right Livelihood”: a pattern for shifting towards life-honoring work

I want to acknowledge that It takes a lot of effort nowadays to live and work in ways that aren’t contributing to the present great unravelling of the web of life. That’s heartbreaking. And it’s because our current global economy is based on a paradigm that is degenerative—meaning it erodes the health of ecosystems, communities,…

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What IS a Regenerative Right Livelihood? A 5-min video overview

Karryn with title What Is A Regenerative Right Livelihood

Gaia urgently needs us to innovate solutions that heal ecosystems and communities. And so many of us want our livelihoods to be in service to doing this regenerative work. But what IS a regenerative right livelihood? In this 5-minute video I share my thinking about this evolving concept. Here are two other posts that dive deeper…

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The Power of Regenerative Entrepreneurship

image of hands holding soil and caption "the power of regenerative entrepreneurship"

It’s totally understandable if you feel dubious about the word “business”! Because “business as usual” too often degenerates our ecosystems and communities. Do you wonder, “How did we get to this place where too many of our actions are degrading our life support systems? And what can we do about it?” Want to help get…

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Giving Thanks for Herstory

In 2017, like many years, I feel deep cognitive dissonance about the standard American holidays. So this year, I’m aiming to more powerfully cultivate my practice of gratitude. Since my work has focused on women in permaculture for so many years, I wanted to share some inspiring updates with you. One of my sheroes, Vandana…

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Planning the Next Year in Our Regenerative Livelihoods

UPDATE: This was written in 2016. Since then, I’ve taken my insights from years of this practice, and created a free mini-course on Regenerative, Reflective Planning. It’s in the Regenepreneurs Network, which supports folks who are on their path to discern their regenerative right livelihood. Click here to learn more about it. In my last…

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Solstice: Earth as Mirror and Mentor in our Lives and Livelihoods

The Solstices are a beautiful time of cyclical unfolding—Winter Solstice is at once the darkest day of the year, and also the return of the light; and the Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, a time of abundance, and also a shift towards shortening days. As such, the Solstices are liminal space—a…

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Women Rocking Permaculture

On the front page of the May 31 Seattle Times Sunday Edition, Jessi Bloom was named “a rock star in the ecological gardening movement.” I did a victory dance in my office when I saw the online version of this article—because permaculture was in the headlines, and the feature included eye-popping photos and text capable…

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When To Invest In Your Right Livelihood

Women in permaculture often tell me they feel like they have to know EVERYTHING related to permaculture, and they struggle with knowing which skills they need to have, and which courses to take. Today, I’ll share with you some “business savvy” approaches to making that important decision.  At the beginning of my permaculture path, I…

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