How can our livelihoods be REGENERATIVE?

Recently, I’ve been breaking down the term “regenerative right livelihood” to clarify the concepts so we can discuss and evolve them, and apply them in our lives. In a prior post, I shared some of my thinking about how the simple but profound concept of “right livelihoods” can help shift society towards a more life-honoring…

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The Power of Regenerative Entrepreneurship

image of hands holding soil and caption "the power of regenerative entrepreneurship"

It’s totally understandable if you feel dubious about the word “business”! Because “business as usual” too often degenerates our ecosystems and communities. Do you wonder, “How did we get to this place where too many of our actions are degrading our life support systems? And what can we do about it?” Want to help get…

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I’m keynoting for the Women, Food and Agriculture Network!

The mission of the Women, Food and Agriculture Network (WFAN) is to link and empower women to build food systems and communities that are healthy, just, sustainable, and that promote environmental integrity. WFAN’s three programming areas are: A mentorship program for new and aspiring women farmers. Outreach to women landowners to provide education and resources about…

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