Women in Permaculture

Women Rocking Permaculture

On the front page of the May 31 Seattle Times Sunday Edition, Jessi Bloom was named “a rock star in the ecological gardening movement.” I did a victory dance in my office when I saw the online version of this article—because permaculture was in the headlines, and the feature included eye-popping photos and text capable…

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Best Practices to Support Women in Permaculture

In my article “A Pattern Language for Women in Permaculture”, published in the Permaculture Activist in August 2013, each pattern identified a core solution to a problem that undermines women’s full involvement and leadership in permaculture. Since then, I’ve been collecting “best practices” that support women’s participation in the permaculture community, so that we can…

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Pattern Language for Women in Permaculture

This article by Karryn Olson-Ramanujan was published in the “Permaculture Activist” magazine in August of 2013. This version is edited slightly, with longer captions, more pictures, and hyperlinks. Click here for a pdf version of the article. Also, you can listen to an interview about this topic on the Permaculture Podcast–look for the April 23,…

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