Cultivating Livelihoods in Service to Life

A Conversation Series

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Are you feeling like, “The world is freaking burning! What work is worth doing, that is purposeful? How can I contribute? How do I even function in the midst of all this?”

My guests and I will explore and hold space for these conversations.

Because we are in threshold times, so:
- What if increasing numbers of us could dedicate more of the hours of our day towards co-creating our regenerative future?
- And what if we could earn our living through this work?

I’m inviting a handful of luminaries to coalesce our various perspectives about "Cultivating Livelihoods in Service to Life" into a larger Conversation Series that really provides a picture of what is emerging, so that more folks can connect to this co-arising and we can build a field for our work together.

We will dive deep into these questions, and more:

- How do we daylight and shift the paradigms from which this extractive construct of "work" has evolved?

- What is meaningful work? What's a right livelihood?

- What would "Work In Service To Life" look like? Feel like? Make possible?

- How does colonizer mentality pervade our ideas about work, and our economy, and how we can free ourselves from it?

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