Interview with Bonita Ford

Bonita’s eloquence about these topics will move you:

Having a multi-faceted approach to your right livelihood, and using small and slow solutions to start out as a permaculture teacher without going into debt (while offering affordable tuition to participants). In this context, Bonita talks about her “bridge job” and building relationships through high-impact, focused volunteer work that gives back to the community.


Other topics we explore included:

How do we live intentionally in these times, holding sacred the preciousness of life?

Valuing the caring and yin energy that is core to effectiveness and connectedness of our work.

The importance of managing your money.

More about the Speaker:

Bonita Ford is a permaculture teacher, designer, organizer, urban homesteader, coach, author, and activist. She blends permaculture, Non-Violent Communication,  Reiki, and nature connection into her work. Since this interview, she and her partner Sebastien launched

Please note that another key focus for Bonita is permaculture and aboriginal teachings. In 2016,  there was a Permaculture Design Course with a focus on Aboriginal knowledge and an Anishnaabek Skills and Knowledge course. Sign up for Bonita’s newsletter so you won’t miss out!

In the interview, Karryn mentioned “gender schemas” which form the basis of the Pattern Language for Women in Permaculture. Karryn encourages everyone to check out the “gender schema tutorials,” as they will illuminate your understanding of the landscape for women in Permaculture.

And please do let us know how this interview impacted your path towards your regenerative right livelihood!

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