Interview with Jasmine Fuego

The Art of Creating Transformational Space  

Jasmine Fuego, Co-founder of the Permaculture Action Network, is part performer, part educator, and full artivist. Jasmine pulls from her worlds of permaculture organizing, performance and youth education to curate and create transformational events centered around bridging art and culture with social & environmental justice.

In her interview, we talked about how her various paths have culminated in her current two main income streams that she loves, and how her school-year job has allowed her to launch her business as a performer. We also discussed at length about she identified unfilled niches (the Permaculture Action Network and Jasmine’s “Unraveled” house concert tour are both efforts to “decolonialize” the arts and permaculture) and combined innovation and entrepreneurship to design alternative business models that include multiple forms of abundance. 

Due to her multifaceted experience as an event organizer and performer, Jasmine shared with us her insights into “transformative space”–what it is, and how to co-create it.

Also, look at the photos on Jasmine’s website,  because they are inspiring! We talked about the need to convey what our work is about through visual images, and getting comfortable being “really visible” in our work.

Finally, we talked about her music (I had the pleasure of hosting Jasmine for a house concert the night before this interview), and her EP which will be released on July 30, 2017. Listen to some tracks here, and you will want to buy her music! Her song, Woman, is one of my new anthems, and we talk about it in the interview.

Please do let us know how this interview impacted your path towards your regenerative right livelihood!

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