Interview with Pandora Thomas

Pandora Thomas

Pandora shared her insights on many compelling topics, including:

Standing in the value of your cutting-edge perspectives and skill-sets in this time of ferment

The vital importance of building skills in social permaculture

Building capacity and supporting the leadership of diverse communities

Cultural competence and building transformative relationships in permaculture

Cultivating resilience and self-care in your professional life

How to make permaculture more “relevant”

The many forms of abundance

Why saying “no” to some opportunities is saying “yes” to what we want truly desire

Practical tips for pricing your services and projecting your income streams

More about the Speaker:

Pandora Thomas is an in-demand entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, eco-preneur and permapreneur—see her schedule of upcoming teaching and speaking engagements here.

Her most recent projects include co-founding the Black Permaculture Network, working with Toyota to design and currently serving as a coalition member of the Toyota Green Initiative, which supports African Americans in understanding the benefits of adopting sustainable lifestyles and co-designing, teaching with and directing Pathways to Resilience—a permaculture and social entrepreneur training program that worked with men and women returning home after incarceration. 

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