Thanks for scheduling a time to explore working together.

Our session won't turn into a high-pressure sales pitch! I work with a few clients with great care, and not everyone is a fit. If we aren't a fit, I point folks toward other resources to explore.

Below is a questionnaire to jump-start your thinking and reflection.

Please take a few minutes right now to copy and paste the questionnaire into another document, then print it out and schedule on your calendar some time for answering the questions. You answers remain confidential, so I invite you to be "totally real," because you can learn a lot about yourself and your right livelihood path by filling out the questionnaire from a deeply reflective place.

Please send your completed questionnaire to and include the following on your email subject line: your name, the date/time of your appointment, and "Initial Consultation."

Make sure to email me your questionnaire soon, but no later than 8am the morning of our appointment. If I don't receive your questionnaire by that deadline, your appointment will be cancelled, as I won't have adequate time to prepare to support you.

I look forward to connecting with you! Karryn

Questions for our Initial Consultation

    What precipitated you reaching out to get support?
    What are the major challenges you are facing?
    What goals are you working toward?
    What else have you tried so far? What was useful about that, and what wasn't?
    Do you already have a business? Or are you beginning to explore options for your livelihood path? Or somewhere in between?
    Do you need support urgently to address a particular issue, or are you embarking on a longer developmental endeavor?

    This isn't required, but if you have worked through the "Map Your Regenerative Right Livelihood" Mini-Course (available on this webpage, did you discern re which phase(s) you are in?