There are three phases in designing a regenerative right livelihood:


Find Your Path

Connect deeply to Self, Earth, Source, and community to daylight your Unique Highest Contribution


Discern Your Sweet Spot

Learn proven entrepreneurial tools to clarify which paths will support you and your Beloveds


Build an Abundance Model

Design a regenerative, service-based offering and the biz model that will sustain you, too

I support you in the first two phases through courses and community in the Regenepreneurs Network.


Finding your Path

Do you lose sleep worrying about the unravelling of the web of life? The people and "more-than-human beings" who are suffering? What the future will bring?

One of the most powerful things we can do during these urgent times is to dedicate our life's work to be in service to the Whole, to Life.

But since there's no clear path for regenerative work, we might feel lost, or finding our way can take a long time.

To move along your quickest path to maximum service, identify your unique, highest contribution at this time.

In the Pathfinders course, we have supported dozens of folks through a proven process that guides you along this path over 3 months.

Our frameworks balance deep inner work with practical analysis, so you can discern which paths to follow so you can thrive while doing your good work.  

Many folks spend years with an idea banging around in their heads, and that means that regenerative solutions are taking too long to get out in the world. Others are so excited about their awesome idea that they jump into building it before they have tested if anyone will pay for it, and they burn out in their good work (this is one of the main reasons why entrepreneurs fail).

The "Sweet Spot" is the place where you can do your good work and earn a living.

The way to know if people want your solution is to get out of your head and talk to them. But the risk is that you'll ask the questions in a way where people say what you want to hear, and you'll get useless or misleading information. Instead, we use Lean Startup methods to devise the questions that will help you make decisions about the viability of your idea. And that can be vulnerable, because it includes being willing to be wrong and start over, perhaps many times. But we do this together, with lots of debriefing and coaching, and we get it done in "sprints" so that once you validate your solution, you can move on to building out your awesome service-based offering and getting it into the world quickly.

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Building your Abundance Model
Another main reason why entrepreneurs fail is thinking they just need to create their service-based offering, when actually they need to design the business model that will nourish themselves and their work over time. This is often even truer for people who are passionate about regenerative solutions.

If you are just starting out, in this phase, I show you processes to create a draft offering, play with various biz models, choose a price, enroll your first clients, deliver great value, harvest feedback and testimonials, and iterate from there. You can use these skills over and over in the future.

We work with proven approaches like the Business Model Generator Canvas and Lean Startup principles to identify how your Unique Value Proposition serves your customers, brings in revenue and minimizes your costs.  You'll receive whichever of my tools and spreadsheets you need for figuring this out.

If you already have your biz or nonprofit up and running, we work on whatever is getting in the way of your thriving, and serving your people deeply.

Perhaps more importantly, we will be continuously building our capacity to think as regenerative entrepreneurs. As a result you will learn to discern how to embed pardigm shifts, social justice, deep ecology, regenerative economics, radical self care, and more, into your business model. This not only helps you feel great about your work, but you can also push other businesses towards regenerative practices and use what you have learned to nurture local ecosystems of regenerative businesses. YES WE CAN! 

Even now, businesses that embed sustainability and social justice into their DNA are just plain better businesses; but to be "fit" for the future, businesses will have to adopt deeply regenerative approaches and be financially sustainable. Your livelihood will be ahead of the curve.

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