To design a regenerative right livelihood, we work through these phases:


Finding Your Path

Connect deeply to Self and community to daylight your Unique Highest Contribution


Discerning Your Sweet Spot

Learn proven entrepreneurial tools to clarify which paths will support you and your Beloveds


Building an Abundance Model

Design a regenerative, service-based offering and the biz model that will sustain you, too

Why these phases? Because...

  • "Finding your calling" is important and deep work, but can devolve into "following the bread crumbs" if you don't have structure. In the "Pathfinders" phase, you work through frameworks that balance deep inner work with rational analysis so you can better discern which paths to follow.
  • I want to help you succeed in getting your regenerative solutions out into the world.  Many folks either spend years with an idea banging around in their heads, or are so excited about their awesome idea that they jump into building it before they have tested if anyone will pay for it; and that's a waste of time, money, and energy, and one of the main reasons why entrepreneurs fail. Been there, done that! The skills you learn in the "Sweet Spots" phase will help spare you that harsh learning curve.
  • Putting your awesome idea on the chopping block is vulnerable, indispensable, builds the vital skill of "failing forward," and might even be fun, with support. The way to know if people are want your solution is to get out of your head and talk to them! But the risk is that you'll ask the questions in a way where people say what you want to hear, and you'll get useless or misleading information. Instead, in the "Sweet Spots" phase, we devise the questions that will help you make decisions about the viability of your idea. And that can be vulnerable, because it includes being willing to be wrong and start over many times. But we do this together, with lots of debriefing and coaching, and we get it done in "sprints" so you can move on to building out your awesome service-based offering to the world.
  • Your niche is important. More important is your business model.  Because you can't sustain your good work without it. In the "Abundance Models" phase, you learn how think through what you need to earn, how to structure your services to bring in that revenue, how to deeply serve your people and reach them consistently--without overworking or selling out on your ethics.

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