You want to co-create a future in which we and our living planet can thrive...

Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash

But you find yourself investing lots of time and money into all kinds of trainings, and they haven’t added up to a vocation... 

Or you have gathered expertise that can make a huge difference in the world, but you aren’t sure how to build a livelihood around it...

Maybe you're cobbling regenerative gigs together, but you’re worried about burnout and making ends meet long-term... 

Perhaps you keep taking on big support roles thinking they will build your confidence and give you visibility, but they are not paying off for you...

Or your work is already damn good, but you are frustrated because your work doesn't get acknowledged...

Or maybe you've been working in the mainstream, degenerative economy, and you want to make a change...

I want you to know this:  None of this is your fault.

The current degenerative economy doesn't create regenerative careers.

We have to design regenerative right livelihoods.

Have you got the tools and know-how?


Most of the folks I know who care about Gaia and Her people feel (rightfully) allergic to business as usual. 

But if you are designing a livelihood that will sustain you, from the outset you need to be clear about how you will create deep and lasting value for the folks you serve, how to reach them reliably, and how you will design for mutually beneficial interactions--including harvesting the rewards for your work.  

In the mainstream economy, this is called a "business model." In my approach, we apply a deeply regenerative paradigm to entrepreneurship, so we can design "Abundance Models". 

I can show you how to design a regenerative right livelihood so you can care for our Earth, care for Her people, and take care of yourself and your Beloveds. 

The kinds of folks I help:

Want to ground their work in the shift towards a regenerative paradigm

You may be interested in permaculture or ecology, or you're in the transition movement. Maybe you work with agriculture or food systems or plants. Or you practice transformative education, the arts, or healing modalities.  Or you are exploring some other work that weaves the web of life. Or you work in the mainstream economy, but study regenerative things in your other time. Or you are new to the concept but feel called to learn about what "regenerative" can mean in your life and work.

Want to take their professionalism to a new level, but stay connected to their heart

You are ready to create or solidify your high-quality, service-based offerings, hold yourself accountable to your own goals, crunch your numbers, and serve your people deeply.

Know that they need information, but they also are ready for transformation

Bringing a beautiful new thing into the world doesn't happen "from the neck up." You are looking for frameworks, guidance, and community that enables you to deal with the inevitable obstacles - so that you can audaciously play your unique role in the Great Turning.

Believe that social aspects are as important as the ecological aspects of our current challenges

You care deeply about equity and social justice and want to embed it in your work and business model. You are working to understand intersectionality and are developing the skills needed to facilitate social change.

Does this sound like you?

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