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We believe that our own ability to thrive should enhance everyone’s ability and capacity to thrive.

We know that diverse ecosystems are more resilient and innovative, and that the same is true for human systems. We support the agency and leadership of those that have been historically marginalized.

We respectfully receive guidance from indigenous communities about how we come into right relationship so that the web of life may heal “Ki”-self.

We reflect deeply on the dynamics of power and oppression, and hone the skills necessary to cultivate diverse teams—knowing that together, we will make better decisions, find new solutions, ensure more equitable outcomes, and improve our triple bottom lines.

We explicitly support the leadership of people who identify as women, and people of color. We use our strength in service to Beloved Community.

We revalorize the caring work and emotional labor of the CORE economy that grows thriving humans. We are birthing the WEconomy.

We know that entrepreneurship is about embracing risk, and can be scary. It’s also a hard but fast path to personal growth.

We cultivate support systems and embed ourselves in a community that is deeply reflective, connected to embodied wisdom, rooted in mentors and mutual support, and grounded in a deeply regenerative paradigm.

We also hone our entrepreneurial and professional skills, so we can offer exceptional value to our clients (whom we consider Beloveds!) and thrive.

We bring our whole beings to our work, so we honor time for self-care, personal growth, cultivating loving relationships, nature connection, connection to Source, recharge, fun, and inspiration as the reason for living—and design our entrepreneurial ecosystems accordingly.

We claim our power to co-create our regenerative future.