I combine mentoring, coaching, and re-sourcing

Wondering what's the difference and why this matters?

Coaches support you towards your goals by asking compelling questions.

Mentors are trusted advisors. They have been there, done that, & provide guidance based on their experience.  

Re-sources invite you into a container and process to develop your capability to think and act from a regenerative mindset.

Different challenges require different approaches to ensure you get the answers you need, but also grow in your clarity, confidence & new competencies.

Embarking on your livelihood path is like a journey: you can't get there overnight, and consistent progress is vital.

For this reason, I work with most of my clients a minimum of 3 months. Most work with me far longer, because innovating a new service-based biz is a long-term commitment; and entrepreneurship from a regenerative paradigm is not a set of information you can download... it's a practice.

There are some scenarios when it's especially helpful to work with me privately. Do any of these apply to our situation? You...

  • see that you'd benefit from my courses, but you don't have the time to work through them, or can't wait until enrollment opens; you would love to access just the tools and support you need now
  • have read about the three phases of designing a right livelihood, and you need support in several of those at once 
  • need to launch your thing quick
  • have been working in your livelihood, but need to slow down and work on your business by developing a coherent strategy and setting up systems
  • know that you do best with personal, wrap-around support

Here's how you'll be supported:

The first step for us starts when you sign up for a complimentary Initial Consultation.

We'll spend 30 minutes together focused on your regenerative right livelihood, and if we both decide that working together is a fit, we can discuss next steps.

Once you sign up for a package,

  • Our first session will be a 90-minute deep dive to set your course and identify priorities and action steps.
  • You get recordings of all of our calls so you can be fully present during our time together and know you can go back and re-listen to harvest insights.
  • I'm available for email support during the time we work together.
  • "Clarity calls" are quick 10-15 minute conversations if something's urgent or you need a bit of support to get unstuck. 
  • Access to relevant resources: I have created lots of worksheets and templates that will enable you to think through and track complex stuff easily and quickly.

I do offer a very limited number of single sessions & 3-hour intensives. These make sense when you need focused support to:

  • hash through a few options along your livelihood path so you can make a choice that you won't regret
  • troubleshoot discrete livelihood- or biz-related problems (a problem is discrete if needs a couple of hours of focus to get back on track)
  • get super clear on what you bring to the table so you can better negotiate with colleagues and clients
  • nail your powerful, professional presentation
  • get more visible in your work, or deal with the jitters that can come with that
  • hone your teaching or curricula
  • daylight, demystify and deal with oppressive patterns that are getting in your way


Prior to contacting Karryn, I was overwhelmed and stuck around creating a business. I had lots of good ideas but felt buried by them and didn’t have a clear start point. Karryn helped by being a great listener so I could sort my ideas as we talked. She also asked great questions that helped me identify priorities. After speaking with Karryn, I now have a path that is completely workable and clear steps for the first three months that I can use to work through my first year and keep the big picture five-year vision as my North Star. 

Joan Stevens, Mama Botanica