Grow your capability to think and act regeneratively in your life and livelihood.

When we work together, I aim to serve you in the role that will most support your development:

Re-sources invite you into a container and process to develop your capability to think and act grounded in a paradigm of regeneration.

Coaches support you towards your goals by asking compelling questions so you can ground into your truth and growth.

Mentors are trusted advisors. They have been there, done that, & provide guidance based on their experience.  

Different challenges require different approaches to ensure you get the answers you need, but also grow in your clarity, confidence & new competencies.

Embarking on your livelihood path is like a journey: you can't get there overnight, and consistent progress is vital.

For this reason, I work with most of my clients a minimum of 3 months. Most work with me far longer, because innovating a new service-based biz is a long-term commitment; and entrepreneurship from a regenerative paradigm is not a set of information you can download... it's a practice.

There are some scenarios when it's especially helpful to work with me privately. Do any of these apply to our situation? You...

  • your biz is doing well, and you are feeling called to evolve it... because our contexts change and our businesses need to, too.... but you need help to sense into what's emergent and how your personal and biz evolution can best serve the unfolding of our beautiful future
  • know that your truest Essence is not yet shining thru in your work, and that growing into showing up rooted and rising will serve you and all that you care about
  • have been working in your livelihood, but need to slow down and work on your business by developing a coherent strategy and setting up systems
  • don't yet have a biz, see that you'd benefit from my courses, but you don't have the time to work through them, or can't wait until enrollment opens; you would love to access just the tools and support you need now
  • have read about the three phases of designing a right livelihood, and you need support in several of those at once 
  • need to launch your thing quick
  • know that you do best with personal, wrap-around support

Here's how you'll be supported:

The first step for us starts when you sign up for a complimentary Initial Session.

We'll spend up to 50 minutes together focused on your regenerative right livelihood, and your growth edges. If we both decide that working together is a fit, we can discuss next steps.
After you schedule, look for the confirmation page that includes a set of questions that you reflect on and send prior to our session. Folks say these inquiries invite valuable insights - even before we meet.

You will get a lot of value out of our time together, even if you don't become a paying client:

My conversation with Karryn helped me to get new ideas flowing around my career goals and feeling "stuck." It was great to receive support and validation as we talked about ways to get from where I am to where I want to go.

Once you sign up for a package,

  • Our first paid session will be a 90-minute deep dive to further discern and begin to delve into our focus areas for working together - so that our sessions are deeply developmental for you. We refer back to and evolve these as you grow.
  • If you wish, you we can record our sessions so you can be fully present during our time together and know you can go back and re-listen to your insights.
  • I'm an ace harvester 🙂 In our sessions, I can both be deeply present and also note down for you in our working documents the big insights and your next actions, so you can be super present and also refer back to our notes when you need to get stuff done.
  • I'm available for email support during the time we work together.
  • "Clarity calls" are quick 10-15 minute conversations if something's urgent or you need a bit of support to get unstuck. I've got you!
  • Access to relevant resources: I have created lots of worksheets and templates that will enable you to think through and track complex stuff easily and quickly.


"If you have challenges in your business and want to work with someone who thinks holistically and approaches situations from a regenerative paradigm, Karryn is an excellent coach. She helped us look at our most challenging business problems and see them as opportunities. Karryn is a good listener, asks hard questions, and has provided useful tools to shift some of my unproductive business habits and attitudes. Working with her is a real joy." 

Paula Westmoreland, Ecological Design

"Prior to contacting Karryn, I was overwhelmed and stuck around creating a business. I had lots of good ideas but felt buried by them and didn’t have a clear start point. Karryn helped by being a great listener so I could sort my ideas as we talked. She also asked great questions that helped me identify priorities. After speaking with Karryn, I now have a path that is completely workable and clear steps for the first three months that I can use to work through my first year and keep the big picture five-year vision as my North Star." 

Joan Stevens, Mama Botanica

I do offer a very limited number of single sessions & 3-hour intensives. These make sense when you need focused support to:

  • hash through a few options along your livelihood path so you can make a choice that you won't regret
  • troubleshoot discrete livelihood- or biz-related problems (a problem is discrete if needs a couple of hours of focus to get back on track)
  • get super clear on what you bring to the table so you can better negotiate with colleagues and clients
  • nail your powerful, professional presentation
  • get more visible in your work, or deal with the jitters that can come with that
  • hone your teaching or curricula
  • daylight, demystify and deal with oppressive patterns that are getting in your way