Pathfinder Course

In this online program you will

 Discern your unique skillsets and connect to your highest service;

Get crystal clear about how to know if your path is a viable livelihood;

Replace the scarcity-based, “business model” mindset with “abundance models;"

Learn about regenepreneurship from leaders in the wider permaculture community;

Connect with other inspired women and heart-centered men who are ready to move to a new level of leadership to co-create our regenerative future!

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Testimonials from past participants

roxanneBefore this Program, I lacked the focus and confidence to successfully pursue a career path in permaculture. I was not necessarily interested in landscape design, and I wasn’t sure how to frame what I wanted to do in a permaculture context. I’d been putting off permaculture in my life for a long time because I didn’t see a viable livelihood, only volunteer opportunities.

It’s been so empowering to have this sacred space to explore my strengths, confess my fears, and share my hopes and dreams with a group of caring, empathetic women. We really are free to learn, dream, confess, stumble, recover, experiment and just be our truest selves. The biggest benefits are not having to go through this process alone, discovering that many of your experiences and trepidations are shared by others, and having a cheering squad to push you when you’re starting to doubt yourself.
–Roxanne Finn, Regenerative Parenting

tamaraThis cohort has been such a lovely and very much needed shaping and jumping off point for me, and I am SO glad that I shook off the nervousness of starting something new and jumped in. Three big benefits to the program are: going on your journey with the other cohort members—so it’s like you both are going to an exciting road trip together; step by step guidance, which I needed very much; and the interviews series was priceless to me—I loved being able to listen to their journeys and ask them questions. I’m still on my path and am crafting my program that deeply serves my community, but I feel assurance about what I need to do to bring my livelihood to life. That is all I ever wanted, and it’s also something that I can take to the next livelihood and the next, and the next. It’s invaluable, regenerative knowledge.
–Tamara Pickens, “Gaia’s B-Girl”

Who is this program for?

Do any of these apply to your situation? Are you…

  • passionate about being part of the solution, but unsure how to find your purpose or unclear how you can earn your living with it?
  • rather new to permaculture and unclear about your career path?
  • curious about the many ways people are earning their livelihood with permaculture–especially ways that go beyond the typical “teacher” or “designer” approaches?
  • tired of feeling like you never know enough and wasting time and money cobbling together skills?
  • NOT thriving– either you are working too hard or you aren’t earning enough income, recognition, or rewards for your efforts?
  • feeling burned out and craving more support from compassionate women who inspire each other to stretch towards their highest calling?
  • desiring new inspiration from dynamic mentors?
  • wishing you had a road map that can save you time, money, and struggle?

The Pathfinder group program is a good fit for women who:

  • want to accelerate their process of finding their calling
  • desire guidance from powerful mentors and peers
  • want the convenience of an online program that reduces travel costs and carbon emissions
  • love to “get stuff done” and to reflect deeply
  • want to be inspired and supported while stretching to reach their goals
  • are looking for mutual support and accountability to keep them on track and energized about their right livelihood path
  • are ready to dedicate at least 4 hours per week on this program
  • want their right livelihood more than they are afraid of the transformation necessary to manifest it!
  • want to join in on the “Abundance Models Intensive”, but are not yet crystal clear regarding their niche, their ideal client, and their value proposition.

I am specifically curating the right group of women who are ready to dedicate the next 6 months to blazing the path to thrive in their right livelihoods.

This path is not for everyone—it will require passion, commitment, and effort. Are you ready?


How you'll be supported

Each week, you can access short, high-impact training modules via online software—so you can learn and work at any time that works for you.  But you aren't going it alone! We travel this path as a connected, supportive group. More details below:

  • During the program you will have two private coaching calls with Karryn, where we identify your "north star" goals, and support you to manifest them.

  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls, where you have the opportunity to dive with Karryn into a core challenge and experience a profound shift. The other awesome women in our group will cheer you on and learn from your courageous process, knowing you will do the same for them. We will also have time for tapping into the collective wisdom of the group to support your bold next steps. Calls are recorded so you never have to miss out.

  • Connection to the other awesome participants in this cohort:
    • Weekly check-ins with your buddy
    • Access to 24/7 group support via our amazing Network—it's not on Facebook, so you won't get distracted from your core work.
  • Recordings of interviews with permaculture entrepreneurs—you'll have immediate access as you join the Pathfinder program. The bios are on the "Interview Series" page. These folks will inspire you!
  • Worksheets and templates that feel like “homeplay” instead of homework.
  • Access to additional private coaching packages at a reduced rate.

Curriculum outline

The Seeds of Regenepreneurship

We will dive deep into these themes:

  • Your unique niche in the Regenerative Business Ecosystem. Gain clarity regarding
    • What it takes to be a regenerative entrepreneur.
    • Whom you are here to serve
    • How you can serve them deeply
    • Using entrepreneurial skills to discern how to earn your living and thrive while doing your regenerative work.
  • Your action plan for honing and applying your professional skillsets.
  • What are you taking stand for in your work?
    • Communicate that permaculture and social justice work make sense for the people, planet, and business.
    • Stand in the value of your regenerative work by knowing your worth and communicating it with swagger.
  • Demystifying business models, and designing your "Abundance Model."

Why Me? Why Now?

Does the word “business” feel like a swear word? Business as usual is not what most permaculture folks want to replicate.

Yet entrepreneurship is a skillset that can fast-track small-scale solutions that can add up to big regenerative shifts.

So let’s shift the “business is a b-word” paradigm and co-create a form of socially just ecopreneurship that is so in alignment with Earth Care, People Care, and Future Share that it can be called “Regenepreneurship!” This program will teach you how to avoid overwhelm and burnout so you can thrive while changing the world.

Why should you do this? Your brilliance is needed! Finding your path will enable you to step into new levels of audacious leadership to co-create our regenerative future.  Does “audacious leadership” sound like a stretch for you? This program supports women through mentorship and the encouragement of your Pathfinder Tribe. We’ve got your back, Sister!

Skills for Trailblazing

Clearing a path where there hasn’t been one before requires vision and hard work. We might feel lost some times. Or exhausted. Or alone. Typical trainings just deliver content and expect you to bootstrap your way to success. In the Pathfinder program, we purposely cultivate skills that help us stay in our zones of optimal functioning while on our path. We connect with nature and her cycles to release limiting beliefs about the feminine and our own personal value and power, and to honor our experience and expertise. By birthing our transformative visions, replenishing our self-care practices, and claiming our right livelihoods, we breathe life into our regenerative future.

A Day in the Life of a Regenerative Entrepreneur

In addition to extended access to the new set of interviews with Regenepreneurs, you also receive access to 8 interviews from 2015. There guests inspired us with the many ways one can earn a living while practicing self- and family-care and embodying our permaculture ethics. In the interviews, guests discussed the nitty-gritty of business models, how they discerned skillsets needed for their dream careers, challenges faced and lessons learned, and how we can evolve our understandings of “Thriving in our Right Livelihoods” and “Abundance Models.”

Fair Share

  • For every 6 participants who pay full tuition, one large, merit-based scholarship will be awarded through the Black Permaculture Network.
  • 5% of the profit from the program will be donated to The Global Women’s Water Initiative’s “Women and Water Training Programs” which equip grassroots women with the skills and tools for sustainable water solutions—which enable them to tackle the health and violence risks, as well as lost income and educational opportunities associated with the lack of safe water and sanitation in their own communities.

Are you ready to birth your thriving livelihood?

I like to use the metaphor of birth to describe the work we will be doing together—because it will change your life! Like birth, socially conscious ecopreneurship begins with passion, invites you to take great care of yourself so you can gestate your highest vision, requires experienced mentors who can reassure you that you can push way beyond your perceived limitations to birth something new and wonderful, and relies on community for support and celebration.