Do you wish for your life's path to be in service to co-creating a regenerative future for all?

But feel that you are struggling to find your way?

And that weighs on your heart, because you urgently want to contribute to The Great Turning...

It's not your fault if you haven't found your path yet.

Our current society offers few choices for truly regenerative careers.

New livelihood paths (that lead to the restoration of ecosystems and communities) need to be blazed.

Finding your livelihood path can be a slog when done alone.


forest path

When you want to go somewhere, if you have a lot of time, you can wander. But if you need to go quickly, your first step is to identify your destination, then find the quickest route.

If you want to discern your livelihood and have a lot of time, you can try out many things. But if you feel that the Great Turning needs you to expedite your path to service, your first goal is to identify the unique, highest contribution that only you can make.

Since it can take a long time to get clear about what that is, in Pathfinders, we use frameworks to guide you along more efficiently. These frameworks balance deep inner work with rational analysis so you can better discern which paths to follow. 



In the past, our communities helped us discern our life's purpose. I created this program because we still need the nourishing support of people who really see us and our gifts and hold us accountable to our own dreams. And because we want to jam with other solutionaries who can envision regenerative pathways forward for humanity.

Because Gaia needs each of us to grow into new levels of leadership, we also tap into Earth- and Source-wisdom, and co-create Beloved Community.  We practice brave and inclusive space for our own growth, and because we know that folks who have been historically marginalized have unique and important perspectives that enrich our collective efforts to find regenerative solutions. We reclaim our own minds and also rely on "hive mind." You remain a member of the Regenepreneurs Network for a whole year, so you can continue to grow mutually-beneficial relationships that you develop in the Pathfinders program. 



If you are reading this, you are probably deeply concerned about the degeneration of ecosystems and communities. Here, we make space for and honor our pain for the world and our brokenness as sources of wisdom that can help us to discern our paths because they reconnect us to our hearts, Gaia, and each other. 

At the same time, working together from a regenerative paradigm liberates us to audaciously envision new, regenerative and systemic solutions.

We believe "the problem is the solution" and we cultivate the skills that keep us in our highest functioning so we can make our highest contribution.   

Here's what we cover:

This first module enables you to

  • Explore what the concept of "right livelihood" means for you.
  • Set up systems that will support you to harvest the maximum reward from your participation in this course.
  • Start connecting in the Regenepreneurs Network: mini-tutorials make it easy and fun (and you won't be on Facebook so you won't waste any of your precious time).
  • Inside the Network, the Regenerative Planning course is immediately available, and outlines simple but profound ways to start reconnecting with Earth- and Source-wisdom.

Here's how you are supported on your transformative journey

On Tuesday mornings during the course, each module outlined above will be delivered as a weekly training in audio, video, or written format. Since the trainings are asynchronous, you can access them any time of day that works best for you. 

Weekly small group coaching calls will take place Thursday evenings. We get to see that we aren't alone in our struggles, learn from each other's resilience, and celebrate successes. 

We give thoughtful attention to weaving a community of mutual, on-going support for each person's unfoldment, so the course is hosted in a Network where we can focus on our livelihoods and avoid the distractions of other platforms. 

You will also have a workbook full of high-impact exercises and resources to track yourself and share your progress with others in the course
(if you wish). 

The number of participants is intentionally kept small so that we can get to know each other deeply, cultivate an inclusive, woke learning community and support each other's transformation.

You remain a member of the Network for a whole year. Because finding your right livelihood path sometimes just takes the time it takes, and your support shouldn't fall away when the program ends.

You'll learn how to effectively "companion" another Pathfinder along their path by using a template and process to effectively and compassionately get and give support.

You have 24/7 access to "hive mind" and the Pathfinders Community. I'm also in there daily to support you. You continue to be a member for a  whole year.

If you need additional personal support to hash through a problem or explore the pros/cons of various paths, I reserve 3 slots for 1:1 coaching for Pathfinders with reduced prices on packages.

And, after our 12-week program is over, if you feel ready, you can continue into the Grow Your Regenerative Right Livelihood Program and receive the "earlybird discount" as a Pathfinder alumn. 

Ready to find your path?

Provide your contact information and we'll email you with updates so you can join us in the next course!

If you have questions in the mean time, email

A final note:

The pricing of this program tries to balance three factors:

First of all, the type of folks I serve desire transformation, so I'm not providing an  information download through an e-course format. Instead, we cultivate a "container" that provides a robust amount of support so you can develop new skills and strengths to be able to move audaciously towards your role in our regenerative future–whether expeditiously in three months, or over the longer period of a year. That means you get a LOT from me. 

At the same time, because our world urgently needs more regenerative solutions, I priced this high-value course to make it financially accessible. 

But finally, since self-care is one of the roots of a regenerative business model, I have to balance my investment of energy.

All of that as background in the interest of transparency: my wish to offer lower, more equitable pricing means it's important for me to minimize administrative costs. Here's what you should know and how you can help: 

Please be proactive about payments. I would rather not charge folks who pay in installments an extra fee. But the reality is that I have had to follow up on payments and that takes up my time when I could be working on other things. But I will do away with the extra fee if I don't need to reach out about monthly installments between now and May 2019... so you can help me to offer more equitable payment plans by paying your installments a timely fashion.

I can't offer special payment plans because they also take a lot of time and effort to track. I do offer scholarships for First Nations folks, people who live in global majority countries with very little income, and through the Black Permaculture Network.

In the future, I hope to be able to accept time bank credits in exchange for part of course fees, if we can get the technology ironed out–I'd love to hear from you if you are in the know about this.

Cancellations: You can cancel the program at any time... just contact me so we can connect about it. I cannot refund any payments already charged, but we can stop future payments. If you are on automatic payments and know that a payment is coming up, please give at least 2 business days notice to give me time to stop the charge.

Refunds: I don't issue refunds, but we can stop your future payments if you need to leave the program before it finishes.

Thanks for you understanding. As you can see, I've put a lot of time and care into thinking into how I can balance my commitments to financial accessibility with my need "catch and store energy" in the form of dollars to sustain myself and my Beloveds. It's always a work in progress, and I share about it here transparently to support you as you figure out your own Abundance Model.