The Regenerative Planning Retreat:

A free mini-course to design the next year
in your Regenerative Right Livelihood

Why Plan In Pace With Earth's Cycles?

Solstices and Equinoxes are liminal space—thresholds where beginnings and endings coexist—so they are potent times to reflect on the past year and plan for the next.

In this mini-course, I'll share with you


Earth-based practices for cultivating that liminality so that you can listen deeply to Source and self.


How you can use the discipline of design to consciously plan your next year.

I’ll explain my framework, both in outline and in detail, so that you can design your own, authentic Regenerative Planning Retreat.

You also have access to a network of folks committed to this work.

The network is not on Facebook, so you can have community on your retreat without being distracted from the vital work of reflecting on the past year and designing 2018.


The mini-course will guide you to design a deeply transformative Retreat to reflect and plan the next year or the next quarter, whichever time frame makes sense for you. Although I recommend retreating on the Solstices and Equinoxes, you can do this retreat on any day that you wish. 

In the mini-course, I share all my insights, and cover all the logistics.

I even provide you a downloadable Regenerative Retreat guide.


Connect with Earth wisdom and inner knowing


  • What's present?
  • What can be celebrated?
  • What can be released? 

Arise with a renewed, powerful vision of "What can be?"

Design 2018 so you can make your highest contribution towards our regenerative future.

Re-emerge with Clarity

You can join me and other folks interested in regenerative right livelihoods in the online Network to share your insights from your retreat.

Together, we will build a practice of supporting each other to stay true to our visions of what’s possible for the next year in our lives and livelihoods.

Start your next year grounded in your highest vision of your unique contribution towards co-creating our regenerative future.

Ready to plan the next steps in your regenerative right livelihood? Join this free mini-course today.

*These practices can be adopted for your geographical location, beliefs and calendar systems—for example, if you live by the Gregorian Calendar, January 1 is a great time for a "Earth As Mirror And Mentor" practice outdoors, and for planning your year—whether you live in the North or South. Or, you can use this same process on the the new year of your faith tradition. Or just choose a day and do your retreat. I show you a pattern you can apply and personalize.