Abrah Dresdale & Adam Brock

How do we do change differently, so we aren't replicating the thinking and ways of being that got us here?

Abrah Dresdale and Adam Brock have grown their livelihoods around Changemaking, so they have been diving deep into this and other juicy questions. I know them originally from the world of permaculture, and social permaculture in particular. I love seeing how they are working with others to evolve changemaking!

We explored together:

- What is changemaking from a regenerative perspective?

- What the heck does “regenerative” even mean?

- How is “regenerative” different from permaculture?

- How did they come to focus their work on social permaculture?

- The importance of social permaculture, and the problems with thinking it’s optional.

- How all this ties into Abrah & Adam’s livelihood paths, and can guide you along yours.

- And other emergent topics!

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Abrah and Adam have collaborated to create courses and community in the Regenerative Changemakers Network, and both are published authors.

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Abrah Dresdale, MA, (she/her)—often called a force of nature—is a social designer, consultant, and educator. Named a New England Fixer by Grist Magazine, she is Co-founding Director of Regenerate Change and serves as Social Permaculture Faculty at the University of Massachusetts and Omega Institute. Abrah lives on a multi-family farm on occupied Mohawk and Lenape land in the Mahicantuck / Hudson River Valley, NY. Visit her website at AbrahDresdale.com

Adam Brock (he/him) is a Denver-based cultural artist practicing regenerative social design. For over a decade, he has worked to create the conditions for regenerative relationships among individuals, grassroots initiatives, and institutions throughout the country. As co-founder of food justice nonprofit The GrowHaus, Adam led the transformation of an abandoned half-acre greenhouse into an award-winning hub for healthy food and urban agriculture.

A trained permaculture designer since 2008, Adam has led over a dozen Permaculture Design Courses and is a national leader in the field of social permaculture. In 2017, Adam published Change Here Now: Permaculture Strategies for Personal And Community Transformation, a recipe book for social change inspired by the more-than-human world. Since 2019, Adam has served as co-director at Regenerate Change, a national consulting and education group focused on regenerative social design. Connect with him at https://www.adambrock.me/

Resources that were mentioned in our conversation

Carol Sanford

Decolonizing Permaculture (Search for this term in your favorite browser. There are many articles about it, read several to get a wide range of ideas!)

Karryn also points folks towards this article: Decolonization is Not a Metaphor by Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang

Conway School of Landscape Design

Abrah is part of the permaculture faculty and The Ecological Literacy Immersion at Omega Institute

adrienne marie brown

Octavia Butler

Larry Santoyo

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