The Power of Regenerative Entrepreneurship

It’s totally understandable if you feel dubious about the word “business”! Because “business as usual” too often degenerates our ecosystems and communities.

Do you wonder, “How did we get to this place where too many of our actions are degrading our life support systems? And what can we do about it?”

Want to help get regenerative solutions out into the world quickly?


In this video, learn about

  • The powerful point of leverage available when we shift from degenerative to regenerative worldviews, and then use the “tools” of entrepreneurship to foster innovation that not only does good, but also makes good business sense.
  • Presently, most of the world’s businesses are micropreneurs, who are the perfect intervention point for regenerative solutions—which necessarily need to be small-scale and based on the local context. Even more potent, though, is when each small regenerative business plays its role in the local economy, so that regenerative business ecosystems can emerge and have large-scale impact.
  • To get there, each small scale regenerative solution needs to thrive so it can play its role in co-creating our regenerative future.
  • Regenerative entrepreneurship can be a powerful way to facilitate the shift from the dominant, degenerative economy towards a future in which all can thrive.

This presentation is adapted from one I gave for The Sustainable Living Guide Summit. 

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  1. Dalmas Tiampati on February 12, 2019 at 10:28 pm

    Thank you for bringing hope to the world by teaching us integrating business with regenerative practices.
    Regenerative entrepreneurship is the way to go in business. We must care about people, the planet and profits.

    Dalmas Tiampati from the Maasai people of East Africa Kenya.

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