Interview with Maren Waldman


Love the arts, but not sure how to earn your living uniting your artistic endeavors with permaculture?

Maren Waldman, a multi-media artist and educator, shares insights from her right livelihood path.

Maren has studied the body in motion for over two decades – from dance technique to anatomy to somatic work. Her work draws on the physical body, experiential knowledge, and a complete adoration of the natural world. 

Maren’s project, Postcards to the Earth (, tends to the personal relationships between humans and nature via dance and writing. Through this project, she has the privilege of bearing witness to people’s heart-centered feelings for the natural world. 

Maren’s environmental-dance workshops have been presented at the annual Front Range Bioneers conference in Colorado, the Body-Mind Centering® conference, and at the conference for the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. As part of her entrepreneurial-artistic-mosaic lifestyle, she runs her own business called Moving Joy Studios and is also a lead instructor of dance at Front Range Community College in Colorado.  Read more and connect with Maren at